The TOUCH70 touch screen operator terminal is an universal input device for operating the FIS/radio system at the driver’s workplace in buses and trains. It offers a fully graphical user interface with high contrast and high brightness. All data is enterd via a robust touch screen. 


The terminal has a 7.0″ TFT display with 800*480 pixels and 16 bit (65,535 colours) depth of colour. The background lighting consits of long-lasting white LEDs. The maximum brightness is 400 cd/m². It has a specified operating temperature of -20° to 70° Celsius. A transducer for the generation of sounds is integrated.


The design is a powder-coated stainless-steel housing. It can be installed as a built-in or sufacemounted solution. Various built-in/mounted consoles, frames and holder arms are available. Contact is made from the rear with a Sub-D15 connector (power supply and I/O) and a M12 connector (Ethernet). The on-board computer controls the system via Ethernet (100MB/s). All screens and operating windows are specified by the on-board computer. Therefore no reprogramming of the terminal is necessary.


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