The vehicle computer TEVIS-Blackbox is a modular system, which can be extended according to the customer’s requirements. There are no operations or inputs necessary in the vehicle. All parameters are sent from the TEVIS control centre to the black box. 

Independent of the existing vehicle equipment, this system allows to update the following functions in vehicles:


  • Control of dynamic passenger information displays (DFI) with “actual data” 
  • Passenger counting with “online transmission” of results or autonomous data collection for connected downstream evaluation systems (with a fitting counting system)  
  • Driving and stand-by time recording for driving and stand-by time analysis (preparation and success control of acceleration measures)
  • Transmission of still pictures of a video system to the TEVIS control centre
  • Transmission of location/driving direction/speed and door criteria to the TEVIS control centre
  • speaker functions over the GSM network
  • Transmission of messages/instructions to the vehicle
  • Direct transmission of the IBIS wagon bus telegrams to the TEVIS control centre
  • Reading of potential-free inputs and transmission to the TEVIS control station
  • Output via relay contacts triggered by the control station 

The operating software can be exchanged by a SW update via GSM. 


The TEVIS system is “multi-client capable”, i.e. several user can use one control centre without “seeing” each other. The data is stored in a MySQL database and the data exchange with external companies (connection security, actual data) happens via VDV453/454.

The supply of “external” control centres is done via UDP telegrams and the provision and removal of data from other vehicle systems via FTP server, Ethernet.


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