Curve sensor

The curve sensor is a module controlled with a microcontroller for the detection of the smallest rotary movements around the vertical axis. The device uses a gyrometer as sensor. Measurement errors caused by shocks and vibrations are compensated by internal filters. The sensitivity can be adjusted via a dip switch.


Two short-circuit-protected relay outputs with potential-free contacts are available for controlling the downstream controller.


The sensor can be deactivated via an optocoupler input. Four LEDs indicate the operational readiness of the device or the switching states of the outputs. The connection to the controller is made via WAGO-CAGE CLAMP® connectors.


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Curve sensor

Technical Data




dimensions (L/B/H):                 

100 mm, 49mm, 18mm

operating voltage

9 to 36 Volt, DC

power consumption, stand by:

20 mA – 24 Volt

power consumption relais on:

40 mA – 24 Volt

temperature range:

-20* C to +70* C